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“One of not many”

For over 260 years, Vacheron Constantin has represented an exclusive circle where a limited number of pieces made by the workshops guarantee the highest level of excellence. This culture is rooted in true knowledge; not the appearance of knowing. Only a few models among millions can proudly claim to belong to the exclusive club of the Belle Haute Horlogerie. It is a prestigious circle where savvy collectors and keen insiders and enthusiasts relate to human values, knowledge transfer, master skills, innovation and scrupulous quality. Welcome to a House of Connoisseurs.

The art and skill of blazing new trails

Vacheron Constantin decided to manifest this singular spirit by working with other talents whose character and creations rise from a never-ending quest for excellence, global diversity, and a sense of innovation and artistry. These visionaries and devotees are renowned originators in their own fields. They, too, embody the “One of not many” concept.



This writer, composer, performer, and self-proclaimed “musical craftsman” is on a lifelong quest for harmony and audio perfection. Thought to be one of the most talented musical craftsmen of his generation, he has made his mark as a multi-instrumentalist virtuoso, a contemporary poet and a vocalist without equal.


Photographer and explorer. He crisscrosses the world to capture the most stunning images. It goes without saying he shares the same spirit of travel, discovery and passion for the world as the Overseas line.


“Vacheron Constantin focuses on producing a limited number of pieces. It is the only way to provide the highest levels of quality, design and craftsmanship. Our company strives to uphold a singular and refined standing in an industry that is already extremely selective. In that respect, we are undeniably ‘One of not many. ”

Louis Ferla - CEO of Vacheron Constantin


Multidisciplinary designer. This self-taught designer invented the concept of “simplexity”. The unique term epitomizes the balance between minimal form, understated design and mechanical mastery. A tribute to herald the Patrimony collection.


Writer, composer, performer. His creativity and ingenuity perfectly embody the values of Vacheron Constantin. Virtually unfazed by his debut composition's global acclaim, he is exploring unchartered musical territory and wants to reinvent himself with a second intrepid album that’s a sonic fusion of rock and soul.

  • Vacheron Constantin - “One of not many” - Making the wildest dreams come alive

    Making the wildest dreams come alive

    One-of-a-kind pieces, special orders, exceptional movements.
    The great Cabinotier Watchmakers achieve each success with humility
    and exacting standards.

    Les Cabinotiers
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